Many people have a hard time pulling the trigger on establishing an estate plan.  Some people don’t enjoy contemplating their own death; others are embroiled in messy family situations that make decision-making difficult.

I have found that the easiest place to start is to determine your goals – are you looking to avoid tax consequences? Provide for an incapacitated child? Ensure a legacy for generations to come? Once you have an endgame in mind, it becomes easier to begin walking down the right path.

At Caldwell Law, I work together with my clients to consider several factors in helping you establish an estate plan including your family situation, financial status, and state of residence.  There is never a cookie cutter solution to something as individualized and personalized as an estate plan, but once I know all the players and have an outcome in mind, I work with you to take advantage of the many tools out there to help you and your family reach the goal you have in mind.